The strength of the village: how to bring the village out of the depression through entrepreneurship

From Turiists in “feudal”

It all began with a tourist trip Alexander with friends at Church of the resurrection in the spring of 2013. They saw in this desolate place of great potential and decided to help the local people to build a business on tourism.

“Then we did the Park Wi-Fi in Nikolaev and was very angry that because of the bureaucracy it needs to be negotiated with the Ministry of defense. Went out and saw a dilapidated village, which was exhausted by infrastructure problems. But at the same time, there was a huge opportunity that could earn local and attracted investments to solve problems,” — says the founder of the organization “Force of the village” Alexander Makarenko

The idea is to give locals a tool to solve problems was so strong that Alexander bought his first house and to be able to spend more time in the village.

“I bought this house from the grandmother that the children in the city were taken. The next day I woke up and I have it in the yard sweeping. Said she was tired of the city”, — Alexander laughs.

However, in the village of Alexander impulses to change the existing structure and to increase the number of tourists received a mixed reception. It happened that a local old lady came out with sticks and beat the buses with tourists on wheels. “Shouted that because of the tourists deteriorating roads in their village that those littering, and told quickly to get out,” recalls the entrepreneur.

However, Alexander and his friends did not give up. Bought in the village area justified the camping, from which you can see the canyon. On the territory there is all necessary for the tourist: place under a tent, equipment rental, private beach (100 UAH for lunch), a swing, gazebos and the opportunity to buy the locals a home-cooked meal, herbal, honey or dairy products. That is why, according to Alexander, local become loyal attitude to his idea: “they said each time that the more tourists, the more they will be able to sell their products.”

Now the villagers even helped Alexander develop the area. So, local craftsmen made free on-site gazebo and swing from the tree. In turn, the “Power village” directs funding for the local. So, in 2017 the school of the village of Trikrata funded the construction of toilet for children inside the building this fall plan to protect the village cemetery. Expect to deal with more serious infrastructure problems, the main of which are the road.

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While we were talking, we were approached by a girl with a motorcycle helmet in hand and said that as soon as the road, they will come more often to biker rallies. Alexander joked that therefore not repaired, I don’t know what then to do with tourists.

“Tourists don’t always want to go to us,’ he sighed, returning to the conversation, because from Voznesensk to us roads in fact. Promised to replace this year the station Voznesensk — Brotherly, but not yet. This will be a landmark event for our village, if to pave the way. It will be a tourist boom”.

The main problem of the project to date, is the correct legal paperwork, since the “Power village” is forced to pay taxes, though, and spends most of its profit on the improvement. “I want to legally when it looked that the social organization engaged in economic activities, the entire profit of implementing its statutory objectives,” says Alexander.

In 2015, Alexander was elected Voznesensky’s Deputy of the district Council, however, affect the fact that the village repaired the roads, he could not, because the budget now belongs to the local community.

What is sustainability in business decisions?

The creation of the region on the basis of cooperation sustainable-tourism business, generating funds to solve the problems of the village. The first command of Alexander consisted of nine Nikolaev activists of journalism, politics and the IT-sphere. Investment and cooperation

Buying your first home with land and design cost Alexander 20 thousand UAH, but the initial investment of the founder calls 200 thousand UAH, which went for the resettlement site. A portion of this amount was collected through crowdfunding, part — personal money of Alexander. Now to maintain the improvement to invest part of the profits from the campsite.

The first tourists visited in the late spring of 2017. Now 80% of tourists come to the campsite in the Assembly through a travel company which cooperates Alexander Nikolaev “Mandrivaone” and “travel Store”, as well as Odessa, Kherson and one of Pervomaisk.

To find their own way in the Assembly from Odessa on the train to the station resounded three times, and from there by taxi or hitch-hiked. From Nikolaev, you can come for two hours on a water rocket, which launched the company “NIBULON” on the southern bug. Bus travel the road from Nikolaev will take two hours.

To attract tourists Alexander with friends organizes agricultural festivals of Midsummer and the third year provides a fair on the Cover. Event organization costs “Power the village” is about 20 thousand UAH. “This year, the Midsummer day has passed with the rural scale, but no fights. I was surprised that for the second year there is no fighting, and before they were mandatory attribute”, — Alexander laughs. Read about the winners of the contest BECAME and vote for the best on page ranking Village in social networks

Alexander has two sites, one of the “Power village” with information about the idea and the project, the second camping directly in the Assembly, which contains all necessary information for tourists. These sites and pages in Facebook and Instagram does it himself. “I learned how to work with templates, go to admin area itself and there fill, change, add photos. Three hundred times altered the website. It’s some kind of disease you start and can’t stop,” says the founder of the “Power village”.

On the website of the Assembly, the tourists can find all information about camping, call back and book the date of arrival, tours or products for local residents. Alexander also begins to develop the possibility of living among locals. “Our online channels also need to invest, to develop the web page,” he says. The legal details

The project also plans to establish a payment over the Internet, but it is difficult because tourists are not legally pay for services and make a charitable contribution at the expense of “Power village”. “It is important to write in the “Priznachennya the” payment: “Charitable relief on realsize Statute, saudan”. And if you do not write well, it turns out that our activity is illegal,” says Alexander.

At the moment tourists pay cash, and firms transfer money into an account in the framework of the contract about providing information services, supply. Under these activities this year opened Kweda.

Tours for free run by teachers of the local school, also work for free and other local residents. “They do this in order to develop their village, because they understand that working for the future,” says Alexander. He wants to legalize the work of the guides, so they can get paid, but it is difficult.

“Power the village” has developed and now claims in conjunction with the National Park Buz’ka your own tourist route, which is paved from the estate of Skarzhinsky in Trikrata’s village through Trikratsky forest, Arbuzinsky, and the Peter and Paul Church of the canyons.

The last route is the “Power the village” was criticized because he had not been imprisoned under it to attract the territory of the village, and passed on the other side of the river. Now it passes from the village. “We believe this will help to engage local residents — they will be able to sell their products,” — said the businessman.

All tours for tourists on foot, if this is not a travel Agency. Alexander hopes that a legitimate tour will give the possibility to form on it investment projects which will be possible to offer investors, local businessmen and members of the community.

The largest flow of tourists in spring and autumn. It is associated with hot steppe climate which does not allow much comfortable to move. Also in the summer very hot granite in the canyons. The plans – “land Art Park”

The “Power village” a lot of plans. So, I want to create a mini-zoo with animals, which could pet and feed the tourist from the city. For lovers of ecotourism with the local beekeeper agree on houses with beds on the hives. Alexander also wants to motivate the villagers to create Souvenirs.

From the global opening of “land Art Park” on the territory of the Aktovsky canyon, which would be of utility under the care of local authorities. Park project Alexander plans to submit by may 1, 2019.

“I hope that local authorities contributed to the development of green tourism, organized trainings, assisted the local population with credit, financing”, — says Alexander.

In the Park you want to spend Hiking trail that tourists are not trampled valuable plants and mosses on granite. Plan to install six art objects that invite the artist.

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