OZERO: Zero waste is to fill your life with emotions, not things

All Ukrainian movement for conscious consumption and minimizing waste kept at enthusiasts — people who feel a very personal need to protect nature and not to become a source of problems for the environment. Everyone who carries specifisku along a plastic bag and drink coffee from reusable mugs, daily making a conscious choice of green living. Anastasia Martynenko says that the abundance of plastic bags in everyday life has forced her to think about what damage they cause to the environment.

“I started to search for replacement bags, special cloth bags in the foreign Internet-stores. It turned out that abroad a lot of shops zero waste, where you can buy almost all household items which do not pollute the nature. Became interested in this topic and understand that in Ukraine it is necessary to speak,” recalls Anastasia.

She began to cooperate with the organization “Ukraine without smittya”. At one of the events met Anna, Pentarchy, which is also fond of this concept. The girls decided to join forces and to create a space in which to hold educational events on the topic of conscious consumption. Started with biodegradable toothbrushes

Then was born the idea of an online store OZERO, where everyone could find eco-friendly counterparts of household items. “I sort of activities often had to buy goods in foreign online stores. This experience I have adopted and began to search for suitable products for OZERO. Found vendors, contacted them,” says Anastasia.

The first batch of goods — tooth brushes made from bamboo and Wildtree — ordered in Germany. This brush is completely biodegradable, made from wood and vegetable bristles and perfectly replaces the plastic.

In addition, the girls began to sell cotton bags and shopping bags. One such thing that can replace up to 170 plastic bags per year, if you go to the store every two days. Such shopping bags is the only Ecotour which the founder ordered in Ukraine, the rest brought from abroad. All products girl check personally: in this niche the quality and sustainability plays a special role.”When selecting suppliers we orientirueshsya not only on the ratio of price and quality, but also on the producer, how he shares our values,” say the girls. In General, the first batch of goods they spent about 10 thousand UAH.

Video: Diana Kolodyazhnaya Without packaging

OZERO was originally conceived by the founders as a store of goods without packaging to reduce waste. And despite the fact that the postal logistics unpackaged product can not be organized, the girls found a decision — all products of steel packaging by using materials that are recyclable. The shop already has clients that are passionate about zero waste, which comes to pick up the goods personally, in order not to multiply the waste from packaging.

According to the founders, the audience, who sorts the waste and promotes the concept of conscious consumption, is a small portion of customers. “The bulk of buyers — people who are not very aware of zero waste, but appreciate high-quality and natural things. As a rule, the middle class and more female audience,” says Anastasia.

Orders customers are doing more and more through social networks — Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the founder of the store and participate in thematic events and various fairs. For example, goods OZERO presented monthly on “the Courage of the Bazaar”: regular customers know exactly what will be able to choose something to taste.

What is sustainability in business decisions?

More and more people are interested in the topic of responsible consumption, they are potential buyers shop zero waste”, for which it checks for authenticity marking “eco” all goods, which sells such products leave a minimal environmental footprint. There are services coadaptation for companies, including the organizers of the festivals.  Expansion and coadaptation

In addition to the online store, girls and develop a new business area — the provision of services to coadaptation for companies. “Now we form two sentences. The first includes shipping containers for sorting waste in offices and a lecture about zero waste for the staff. The second is full coadaptation office of the company, when we are telling and showing how and what to sort, we measure the consumption of water and electricity and develop recommendations for optimization of consumption”, —says Anastasia. Read about peremogu contest was ist vote for best on Storz rating

Now to Anna and Anastasia was joined by another employee, which took over marketing functions. The girls plan to continue to expand the staff — to recruit employees who will be engaged in communicating with customers and taking orders. In addition, in a short time ОZERO will become a space in which to simultaneously store and educational hub for lectures and workshops on zero waste.

“For us a very important educational aspect of the project. We not only sell our products, but also to explain why they make life better and cleaner world,” say the founders.

Special attention is paid to scaling. Anna and Anastasia stressed that such shops must be in each region, this will reduce the negative environmental footprint from transportation. And educational projects zero waste needs to appear throughout the country that all Ukrainians could make their lives more environmentally friendly.

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