The ICU group became a co-investor Petcube and Hideez

The ICU group Finance Petcube on developing devices for pet owners and Hideez, created the electronic key FOB a digital key and the first Ukrainian wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Two of the five first investments the company made public in Ukraine Week in London.

“In the venture capital market we follow a strategy of investment in the late seed stage or the so-called round “A” will invest in the company proved the viability of their business ideas,” commented the information partner of the ICU, Makar Pasenyuk.

According to him, the group enters the capital of the company when the project has already attracted sales and financing, as a rule, geographical expansion.

“Our investment in a single project range from $200 thousand to $1 million. We have invested in five startups,” he said.

Pasenyuk said that the great promise of the ICU sees the support of the technical developments that create the Ukrainian engineers.

Founded in 2006 by experts from ING group ICU is one of the country’s leading asset management — manages assets of more than $500 million.

The main owners are its managing partners are Makar Paseniuk, and Konstantin Stetsenko.

Recall that the ICU group entered the market of venture investment in 2018.

In April of this year, according to results of the specialized magazine on the Ukrainian insurance market “Insurance TOP” group ICU is recognized as the best ivestitions partner insurance companies.

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