Russia destroys vineyards in the Crimea — Minot

The actions of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and Sevastopol threaten the existence of the wine industry on the Crimean Peninsula, according to the Ministry temporarily occupied territories.

According to the results of special processing of data from open sources and satellite imagery detected a decline of viticulture and the destruction of vineyards in the territory of the Sudak valley (area of Sudak, the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea).

As of 2012, the area of vineyards of Sudak valley was 743,9 ha. After the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, this area sharply decreased by 46% and now stands at 397,8 ha.

The reasons for this call: afforestation of vineyards (overgrown with trees and bushes) -17,4 ha; abandoned sites (not processed) — 17, 6 ha; the uprooting of vineyards — 59, 4 hectares; vacuum (reduced the number of vines) — 251,7 ha;

Among the factors that contributed to the deterioration of the situation, called such actions of the occupying power as illegal alienation of land, construction of infrastructure and roads in the vineyards, low control of land management.

The Ministry also noted the disappointing trend of reduction of area of fruit-bearing vineyards in the Crimea during the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. So, as of January 1, 2013 their area amounted to 20.5 thousand hectares, and in 2017 — 14,1 thousand hectares, which is 30% less.

A separate concern is the decline in the yield of from 56 to 35.4 kilograms per hectare.

Thus, believe in the Ministry, Russia’s actions in this context suggests that the occupying state is not interested in the development of the AR of Crimea, with its natural potential. The Ministry complained that such irresponsibility leads to irreversible harm to the environment and losses to the population living in this territory.

Minot previously reported on the devastating consequences of the construction by the occupying authorities of the Russian Federation of the highway Alushta-Simferopol-Dzhankoy in the area of Alushta valley, the result of which was rooted out of 46 hectares of vineyards.

As reported, the occupation authorities of the Crimea hides the accident from gas turbines to Siemens, which was brought to the Peninsula to bypass international sanctions.

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