Major oil and gas Corporation out of Ukraine

The Italian oil Corporation Eni minimizes presence in Ukraine. It sells its stake in OOO “Separateness”, the buyer will be NAK “Bowels of Ukraine”.

About it reports the Ministry of industry.

Approval of a transaction submitted to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The AMC will also consider the possibility of acquiring “Separationists” more than 50% in OOO “Kolomyia oil and gas company “Delta”, 100% owned by British oil and gas company Cadogan.

NAK “Nadra of Ukraine” is now owned 35% “Separationist”, and another 15% are owned by Cadogan.

“Separationist” owns the mining licenses Kurennoy, Yakovlevsky, Filimonovskaya and Sandulescu oil and gas areas (all the areas have shale gas), as well as Debeslavtsi field.

Eni bought 50.01% of shares of “Separationist” in 2012 By the time “Separationist” had licenses for the development of 9 shale gas in Western Ukraine with a total area of about 3.8 sq km, which is a continuation of the Lublin basin.

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