A competition for the selection of members of the Supervisory Board of the administration of seaports

The Cabinet announced a competition for the selection of independent members of the Supervisory Board of the administration of seaports of Ukraine, reported on the website of the Cabinet.

Applications for participation in tender are accepted from 10:00 on 11 October to 18:00 November 9, 2018. To participate you need to submit documents in paper and electronic form.

The list of participants admitted to pre-selection will take place on 14 November. The results of the selection will publish on the official website of the government.

Candidate for the position of independent member of the Supervisory Board of ASD must have experience at least 10 years in senior positions in the following areas:

the management of large enterprises and corporations, the business development;

strategic management and business development on the functioning and development of the port infrastructure;

ensuring Maritime safety; risk management, Finance and audit, investment activities;

international relations, law (preferably taking into account the profile of ASD);

labor and social relations.

The applicant also must possess one or more professional competencies in the following areas: strategic management, management of port infrastructure, operational efficiency, Finance and audit, corporate governance, compliance and risk management, the digitization of logistics processes and services.

Besides wishing to take the post of member of the Supervisory Board ASD must demonstrate basic knowledge of legal acts regulating the issues of functioning and development of port infrastructure, provision of navigation safety, as well as an understanding of global trends and industry development prospects of Maritime transport.

The applicant must have an impeccable business reputation and be fluent in Ukrainian or English.

The applicant should not be (i.e. within the previous five years): founder, shareholder, Director, member of the Supervisory Board, employee or representative of the person to which Ukraine applied to personal, economic or other restrictive measures (sanctions), and does not have a significant business relationship with such a person.

Also the applicant will have to commit themselves to pay the duties of the member of the Supervisory Council at least 30 working days in a year.

We will remind, earlier the Cabinet of Ministers has appointed the first independent members of the Supervisory Board of “Ukrposhta”.

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