“Ukrzaliznytsia” will facilitate the passengers a search of scarce tickets

In “Ukrzaliznytsia” develop a system that will help passengers to buy a train ticket. The point is that the customer can register in a waiting list, choose the train on which tickets are already sold out or booked. If the sale will be a free ticket to the passenger in this system will receive a notification. Users waiting list will receive priority in the acquisition of scarce ticket. This was told to journalists the chief of Department of passenger transportations of distant following “uz” Alexander Krasnoshtan.

“We are developing a system waiting list (waiting list — ed.). The passenger will be able to pass registration and to choose one or several trains that are fit for him, and for which no tickets. And then, when you receive a free ticket (someone decided not to go and cancels the ticket), he will not fall in overall system sales, and first passes through the “sieve” waiting list. If the ticket is “not found” a buyer in waiting list, then he will go to General sale,” said Krasnoshtan.

On specifying question when it will be introduced this system, he noted that while the timing is hard to say.

Krasnoshtan said that such a system will permanently close the issue with the dealers, although this year there was only one such case.

“A lot of say that buy tickets dealers. I always pray that I have the ticket purchased through dealers. Then I can see what formation he uses and whether the involvement of employees of “Ukrzaliznytsya” to repurchase tickets. While there was only one occasion when I brought bought a scalper ticket. Naturally, the buyer was refunded the amount of the ticket,” — said the head of the Department of passenger transport long-distance TIES.

Krasnoshtan reported that the railway Ministry conducted an investigation on this case.

“We fully investigated the incident. The broker was sitting in an Internet cafe and just working the system buking BONDS. It was handed the ticket and the broker him “caught”. This whole technology,” said Krasnoshtan.

He also said that today the problems with the online purchase of tickets arise from the huge amount of chat bots.

“There is more of a problem for us to program chat bots. These bots are “thrown” into our system. Online ticket sales system sufficiently thin, the chat bots are constantly doing an inquiry about availability of tickets. And it turns out that the system is actively looking for tickets, there is a massive queries (especially during peak periods of traffic) and the system simply does not stand up. Even in the summer, the booking ULTRASOUND a few times, “lay” is actually the result of mass work chat bots” — summed up Krasnoshtan.

Recall that in the media in 2016, reported that the web-developer from Kiev created the Telegram-bot that will quickly find a suitable flight, the user need only enter the area, date and time. The developers claimed that the bot will learn to monitor tickets, if not with the desired ticket, the user can ask the bot to regularly check this information. And as soon as the ticket will appear — the user will receive a notification.

In April 2013, BONDS began ticketing on the rail withabout an introduction of name and surname of the passenger according to the buyer.

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