“Ukraine” has topped the television ratings — the study of ITK

The TV channel “Ukraine” (part of Media Group Ukraine) in September 2018, remains at the head of the television ratings version of the Industrial television Committee in the audience are more than four years all over Ukraine, maintaining a position at the level of September last year.

According to the TIC, in this category, the TV channel “Ukraine” took first place with a rating of 2.01% (the average percentage of viewers of the channel from the total number of people who belong to the target group) and a share of the audience 14.37% (percent of viewers who watched the channel from the total number in a given period of time).

According to ITK, among the audience over the four years across all Ukraine on the second place, the TV channel “1+1″(rating of 1.31%, the audience share of 9.36%), the third — ICTV (rating of 0.99%, the audience share of 7.04 per cent), the fourth –”inter” (a rating of 0.98%, the audience share of 6.97%), the fifth– “STB” (0,94% share of the audience of 6.74%). TV channel “New channel”, “2+2”, “NTN”, “TET” and “Plusplus” take 6-10 positions in the rating among viewers older than four years throughout Ukraine.

In September 2018 compared with September-2017 “inter” dropped from second to fourth position in the ranking, “1+1” has moved up from third to second, ICTV has risen from fifth to third, “STB” dropped from fourth to fifth.

TOP channels for September 2018 (age 4+, all Ukraine) No. Channel Age 4+, all Ukraine rat% shr% 1 Channel Ukraine 2,01 Is 14.37 2 1+1 Of 1.31 9,36 3 ICTV 0,99 Of 7.04 4 Inter 0,98 Of 6.97 5 STB 0,94 6,74 6 New channel 0,59 4,21 7 2+2 0,56 Of 3.98 8 NTN 0,53 3,80 9 TET 0,52 3,69 10 Plusplus 0,31 2,22

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As reported, the TV channel “Ukraine” in December 2017 has topped the television ratings from the ITK among the audience over the four years across all Ukraine, rising two places compared to December 2016.


Television industry Committee industry Association, founded in 2002, which represents the interests of the television market of Ukraine. Brings together the largest media group Inter Media Group, “Media Group Ukraine”, “1+1 media”, StarLightMedia; advertising agencies — Publicis Groupe Media, Omnicom Media Group, ADV Group, GroupM, the Agency Media Arts Group Ukraine.

A study of television audience (TV panel) on the order of ITK serves research company Nielsen and “communication Alliance”.

TV panel is based on a national sample (excluding Crimea and Sevastopol from 1 April 2014) of 2840 households, of which 1,900 households located in cities with population over 50 thousand people and 940 in cities with a population less than 50 thousand and villages.

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