The Cabinet has simplified the licensing of small winemakers

Wednesday, October 3, the government adopted a resolution, which would simplify the licensing process for small producers of wine products, according to the website of Cabinet of Ministers.

The Cabinet was reminded that the small manufacturer to obtain the license needed along with other documents to file a certificate of production, which took extra time.

Now, instead of the certification of production necessary to submit to the state foods and consumer service Declaration, which indicates the availability of the necessary equipment for the production of wine products. After that, the State fiscal service in the time provided by applicable law, give him a license for its own production.

Simplification of procedures for obtaining a license will provide small business development in the field of horticulture, beekeeping and viticulture, will reduce the monopolization of the wine market and to expand the production of competitive Ukrainian products. It will also attract the interest of agricultural enterprises in the reconstruction and expansion of vineyards, plantations of fruit-berry cultures, increasing the number of bee colonies.

Recall that in 2018 to support the development of horticulture and viticulture, the government has allocated 300 million UAH. By intermediate results of state support created 1255 hectares of new plantings of pome fruits, stone fruits, berry, nut crops and vineyards. In addition, a permanent 1 thousand and 5 thousand seasonal jobs in the horticultural industry.

As reported, from March 2018 small winemakers are not subject to mandatory certification.

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