Company Zahoor for 9 years, is suing the defense Ministry for a section in the center of Kiev

The group of companies ISTIL initiated a criminal case against acting head of Department of capital construction of the Ministry of defense Sergei Soba for the tender for the construction of a housing complex on land owned by ISTIL. This was announced by the head of the group, Mohammad Zahoor in column on the website “New age”.According to the businessman, his company is opposed to the raider attack on the part of officials of the Ministry of defence and the “construction” of “Prombud-M”, which under the slogan “Housing for servicemen of the Ukrainian army” trying to take away land that belongs to the company according to the law.

Zahoor said that prosecutors in September requested the criminal case from the police “to control”.

According to him, the defense Ministry and the group of companies ISTIL suing for land in the centre of Kiev since 2009. In July 2009, the company purchased the assets plot on the street with an area of 0.6 ha for a private company, which bought it from the defense Ministry about $1 million But the Ministry tried to challenge the right of ownership of STIL on this property and lost.

The businessman said that in 2010, the city Council adopted a decision on the sale of land group of companies ISTIL as the owner of the property, and in 2017 they registered a title and completed the payment of the land. However, at the end of December 2017 land rights were challenged in the commercial court of Kiev construction company “Prombud-M”, which the Ministry of defence signed a contract for the construction of a residential complex on this site.

On 22 may, the court decided to annul the decision of city Council to sell the land ISTIL, may 3 although the court invalidated the contract between the mod and “Prombud-M”. Currently, the two court cases are in appeal.Mohamad Zahoor sure that the corrupt judicial system of Ukraine will not allow him to win and ready to apply to the European court of human rights.

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