Gas prices for industry, in October will grow by almost 10%

National joint stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” from October 1 increases of natural gas prices for industrial consumers and other economic entities, according to the company.

When compared with September, in October prices will rise by 9.4 to 9.7 per cent.

So, the minimum price for industrial consumers will grow by 9.7% with 12249,6 13438,8 UAH to UAH with VAT per thousand cubic meters.

Maximum prices for industrial consumers will increase by 9.4% from 14586 13338 UAH to UAH with VAT per thousand cubic meters.

Price to the public from 1 April 2017 remains unchanged at 6,9579 UAH with VAT per cubic meter

The company noted that the cost of gas will depend on the volume of purchases, payment terms and the status of previous calculations.

For the buyer who does not have a debt before “Naftogaz”, as well as the purchase of 50 thousand cubic meters of gas per month — a valid minimum price. In other cases, the cost will be higher.

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It should be noted that the IMF is seeking to raise gas prices for population to the level of fuel costs for the industry. The government of Ukraine as resisted, as the gas price hike would raise bills for heating for the population. But, as said the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev, during operation of the IMF mission in Kiev in early September, has reached agreement in principle on a gradual increase in gas prices to the level of import parity until 2020.

We will remind, in July the Ministry of economic development predicted rising prices for gas for the population in 2018 is 18%. And the price of gas for the population in 2019 could increase by 5-8%, in 2020 — 14%, and in 2021 will remain the same.

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