The ex-Minister of defense of Ukraine “guarantee” that Poroshenko will go on trial

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. The ex-Minister of defense of Ukraine and the head of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko said that Petro Poroshenko will go on trial for criminal actions on a post of the President of Ukraine.

The next presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for 31 March 2019. According to recent polls, Gritsenko in the presidential rating is in second place after the leader of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko.

“I guarantee that President Poroshenko will go on trial. Where he broke the law, where his criminal act or criminal negligence has created hardships for the country the consequences, without responsibility, he is not going anywhere” — quoted in Hrytsenko on the website of the Ukrainian TV channel Newsone.

“I am proud of our Ukraine, but I am ashamed that it is such a President. Even in the days of Yanukovych, during the time of Yushchenko, Kuchma, Kravchuk, under any President at this level the summit was “And you are set up before the end of the anti-corruption court”, “the Necessary amendments”, “And you need to strengthen the fight against corruption. And the President Poroshenko, and he was a hugger-kisser, and he laughs and thinks it’s not. Ashamed that our country is a person who is mired in corruption, ” — said the politician.

Twentieth summit Ukraine-EU was held on Monday in Brussels.
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