He explained the decision to obtain citizenship of Georgia

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. Honored artist of Russia Valery Meladze confirmed media reports that asked for Georgian citizenship.

“I don’t hide this fact. However, this does not mean that I refuse the Russian citizenship. My actions do not contradict the legislation of Russia and Georgia”, — he explained to radio station “Moscow Says”.

Before it became known that the singer, who was born in Batumi, decided to use new amendments to Georgian legislation that give the opportunity to the natives of the country to obtain citizenship. The artist has applied to the Ministry of justice.

Meladze said that he was born and raised in Georgia in a time when between Tbilisi and Moscow did not exist borders. But then they came, and he wanted to erase them, “at least for myself.”

“Historically and mentally, our peoples were and still are to this day close as brothers. The emergence of borders has put us before a choice”, — said the artist.

The singer is confident that the acquisition of another citizenship “does not cause anyone moral damage.”

At the hearing, also is the title of people’s artist of the Chechen Republic, which he received in 2008.
“Very practical man”

Singer Yuri Loza in an interview with “Fifth channel” has declared that does not consider reprehensible desire Meladze to obtain Georgian citizenship.

However, the musician said that he does not intend to renounce Russian citizenship.

“If I had the chance, I would have citizenship of all countries. Why not? If I am a citizen of Russia, why wouldn’t I be a citizen of another ten to fifteen countries, which I’m happy to go for some business? It is very convenient if you have friends there, business or family, you will not have to issue a bunch of documents,” said Vine.

He also called Meladze very practical person and said that to condemn him for such a stupid decision.

Last week entered into force amendments to the law “On citizenship”, according to which former citizens of Georgia will be able to contact the Agency for the development of public services with the request to restore citizenship lost as a result of obtaining the citizenship of another country. For former citizens of Georgia should contact the Agency for the development of public services until December 31, 2020.