Orban told the European Parliament that the Christian Hungary will not yield to blackmail “proimmigrant forces” in the EU

Brussels. September 11. INTERFAX – Hungary will not agree to “proimmigrant forces” threatened her, blackmailed and made slanderous accusations against the country and its people, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“We will not succumb to blackmail. Hungary will defend its borders, to block the path of illegal migration and to protect their rights, including from you, if necessary”, – said the head of the government of Hungary on Tuesday at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

According to him, Hungary is ready for the European elections of 2019, in which citizens “will be able to make a decision on the future of Europe and to restore democracy in European politics”.

Viktor Orban participated in the debate on the state of the rule of law in Hungary, after which MEPs are going to make a decision on whether the EU to take action to prevent the risk of a serious undermining of European values – democracy, rule of law and human rights.

European Parliament Committee on civil liberties came to the conclusion that Hungary “risks seriously violate EU values”.

EP Rapporteur Judith Sargentini filed against the authorities of Hungary allegations of failure to follow European policy in the field of migration, in violation of the rights of minorities in the country, corruption of the authorities. Accusatory statements after it were made by the representatives of the committees of the EP on budgetary control, constitutional Affairs and women’s rights and gender equality.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister began his speech by saying that the European Parliament has already prepared the opinion, and his statement will make little difference.

“Are you going to blame not the government but the country and the people. You are going to accuse Hungary, which for a thousand years is a member of the family of Christian peoples of Europe. You are going to accuse Hungary, which is his job, and when it was necessary – and with their blood, contributed to the history of our beautiful Europe. You are going to accuse Hungary, which rose in arms against the largest army in the world – the Soviet army and who had paid a heavy cost for their freedom and democracy,” continued Viktor Orban.

According to him, accusing Hungary inherited a Western democracy, and they themselves had to fight for freedom.

“I’m protecting my country, because freedom and democracy, independence, Europe is a matters of honor to the Hungarians. Therefore, I declare that the report violates the honour of Hungary and the Hungarian people. Hungarian decisions were made by voters in the legislative election. You cite to the fact that Hungarian people are not able to decide what is in his best interest. You think you know better than the Hungarians, what should the Hungarian people”, – said the Prime Minister.

He pointed out the differences in the traditions and culture of Hungary from other EU countries and acknowledged that they “are the antipodes in the migration issue.”

“If we really want unity in diversity, then the differences may not lead to the trampling of the country and its removal from the joint solutions. We will never allow to treat us this way, as do those who disagree with us”, – said Viktor Orban.