Mohamed Salah: 7 interesting facts about the Egyptian Messi

English Liverpool last 10 years is going through hard times. Since 2009, the British only twice played in the Champions League, but both times I came out of the group. And now the good times to the legendary club returned club Jurgen Klopp reached the Champions League final.

The current Liverpool released in the first attack, where there is Firmino, Manet, but the main star of the team is Mohamed Salah.

Is a fan of Mohamed Ali

It is unknown whether called Salah in honor of the legendary boxer or not, but a fan of his football is. His career can also be compared with Ali unsuccessful period at Chelsea has become a knockdown, after which Ali began to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee“ with his 43 goals this season.

Problems for the kiss

The first European club of Salah began the Swiss Basel. After the first year Mohamed won the prize for best young player in Switzerland, and at the gala evening kissing the cheek of the girl, who presented the prize.

This caused a serious scandal in Egypt, where he did painted immoral, a hater of traditional values. Salah was only surprised reactions: “no matter Where I was in Switzerland, I applaud, but at the same time Egyptian fans hate me.“

Miracle Of Egypt

Now in Egypt Salah akin to a miracle. He led the team to the 2018 world Cup – the first in 28 years the world Cup for the country and finally turned into the hero of the nation. He breaks records the Premier League in terms of effectiveness, competing with Messi and Ronaldo, already became the best player of Africa and the best player in the Premier League. Worship him at every step in the country.

Salah is very concerned about his native village, Nehrig. It is not limited to remittances, and built a school, an indoor soccer field and purchase equipment for the gym.

At the end of 2017 Salah made another strong act – saved local currency. When officials admitted that the Egyptian pound is urgently needed to support foreign currency, Salah was among the first to respond and gave the state 210 thousand British pounds.

At the same time, he is humble. After he led Egypt to the 2018 world Cup, a local businessman promised to give the player a Villa, but he refused, asking to help his village.

“Derailed“ from the army

In 2014, the future of Salah in football has been called into question, when an educational program under which he could be abroad, is over. Mohamed Egyptian law was to give back to the Motherland and to undergo military service.

At that time, Salah has already played for Chelsea and his question was solved at the meeting, which was attended by the Prime Minister, the Minister of education and head coach of the national team. In the end was made a reasonable decision to allow Salah to continue his playing career.

Place on the field, begged with tears

In childhood Salah defended the colors of the local team El Moskaluk, where he played as a left defender. To get to the workout I had with transfers to five buses. And so five days a week for four years, but football Mohamed loved, and loved to score.

After a match with a direct competitor, which Sakhala team won 4:0, in the locker room celebrating, all except Mo. He was crying, because in such an important match is not scored. Then the coach turned Salah into the attack. Not bad, for the teams U16 and U17 Salah scored 35 goals.

Mohamed called “the Egyptian Messi“ for physiological resemblance and similar style games, but, interestingly, he’s more like Ronaldo. Because he works on himself as anyone else.

Changed the name of the daughter from the casino

Salah is a very religious man. After each goal, he raises his hands to the Almighty and even in 35 degree heat and refused to drink during a break on the drinking because of Ramadan. Food in the club dining room in Basel is also built according to your faith.

And Mohamed a daughter named McCoy. Initially, he wanted to name her after Mecca – city where you wanted to make the pilgrimage – and then thought that the girl’s name is consonant with the name of the network casino “Mecca Bingo“, and in Islam gambling is prohibited. So he decided to change the spelling of the name of his daughter.

Fast like a rocket

Salah is one of the fastest athletes in football. The card video games FIFA 18 Mohamed a record in the “speed“ is 99 which is more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the last year, beIN Sports has conducted a special study, and came to the conclusion that it is about as fast as Usain Bolt. Measurements showed that it overcomes 70 meters in 7 seconds, while in fact running on the grass, not on special coating in the boots and not Shipovka, and not in a straight line.

Once Salah said he wants to be the best Egyptian player in history and is working hard on it. At the moment the dream Salah runs faster than for the money. If this continues, it could easily become the best player in the history of Africa. At least…

The Vitaly and Volodko,