Sports speaker charged over armed robbery

One of the Belgium football TV presenters, was accused of being an accomplice to an armed robbery, prosecutors have said.

Stéphane Pauwels, who has hosted the show for Belgian and French TV, was arrested as part of a major police probe.

The 2017 robbery, described by the media as a “home invasion” has taken place in the rich town of Lasne, near Brussels.

The arrest is part of an investigation started some months ago in the armed robbery, theft and drug-dealing.

Five people are currently in prison because of it.

Mr. Pauwels, 50, was arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday appeared before a judge who accused him and conditionally granted freedom on bail.

He is suspected of being an accomplice of “armed robbery with violence, fire arms, during the night, as part of a band, the use of a vehicle”.

The presenter is said to have complained about his partner’s ex-husband was harassing them, according to the Belgian media.

He is said to have given the name of a colleague, who then allegedly organized the raid will take place at the house of a man, reports say.

The office of Mr Pauwels is not an indication of its presence during the raid, or who has carried out acts of violence, his lawyers were quoted as saying on Thursday afternoon.Suspended

Mr. Pauwels is a presenter of the Belgium RTL-TVI channel, the country’s main private broadcaster – and it is also well-known in France for hosting football programs in different stations.

The parent company, RTL Belgium has suspended Mr. Pauwels, with immediate effect.

The reaction on social media has been mixed, with some criticising Mr Pauwels, while others have expressed their support for the presenter.