Four Tops lead Aretha tribute-concert

The Four Tops have led stars from the worlds of soul, gospel, jazz and blues at a tribute concert for Aretha Franklin on the eve of the funeral.

A people and its homage to the Queen, to be held on the coast of Franklin ‘ s home city of Detroit, ended with a mass performance of their anthem with respect.

Her granddaughter, Victorie Franklin thanked the crowds, saying: “It is really inspiring to see how many hearts, how many people, my grandmother has touched you.”

Franklin, 76, died on may 16.August.

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Five ways the Queen of Soul out of the story
Aretha Franklin ‘ s body comes in gold-plated coffin lying in state

Their six-hour, invitation-only funeral is taking place later in the Detroit Church where the funeral of the leader of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, took place in the year 2005.

Franklin lay in state in Detroit on Thursday, wearing a rose-gold outfit and matching Christian Louboutin stilettos. It was the third outfit she has been given, as her open coffin was on display, with a red dress and matching heels on Tuesday and a blue outfit on Wednesday.

Speakers and guests at the funeral of former US President Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, the civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and music producer Clive Davis.


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