The Russians before the election scared of rusty water and the “ridge”

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A new propaganda video appeared on the Internet on the eve of the single voting day September 9, it repeats the plot is “Elections… and gay overexposure” that was started before the presidential election. A video published on YouTube Thursday, August 30.

A video titled “Thank Governor Ostapenko, or All the polls-2!” talks about how life has changed for the family who did not go to vote on elections of the Governor of the Moscow region and the head region was elected Ostapenko. In particular, the heroes have to wash in rusty water, to pick up the kids from the night shift at school, and a turn in the garden to wait for more than 40 years.

The characters in the movie also periodically salute the new head of area with the words “Thank Governor Ostapenko”.More hellish and strange news Telegram-channel “Tape bottom”. Subscribe!