Lukashenko changed the leadership of the government of Belarus

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has replaced the leadership of the government and appointed a new Prime Minister. One of the first tasks of the new Cabinet, began the discipline.

About personnel shifts in the government reported on the website of the President.

The Prime Minister was Sergei Rumas, head of the development Bank. He was succeeded by Andrei Kobyakov, who was Prime Minister in 2014.

The President also appointed the first Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Turchin, who headed the Council of Ministers, and three Deputy — Igor Lyashenko, head of the “Belneftekhim” concern, will be responsible for industry and energy, Vladimir Kukharev, a former Deputy Chairman of the state control Committee, will be engaged in the sphere of construction, housing and transport, and Igor Petrishenko, Ambassador of Belarus to Russia, will be responsible for the social sphere — healthcare, education, culture and sport.

Permutations passed at the Ministerial level: Mr Mikulenas was appointed Minister of architecture and construction, the official — Minister of industry, Konstantin Shulgan — Minister of communications and Informatization Dmitry Krutoy of the Minister of economy. The Chairman of the State military-industrial Committee was Roman Golovchenko.
Resignation for “apathy”

To replace the leadership of the Lukashenko government has promised a meeting in the Orsha district of the Vitebsk region, where he showered with harsh criticism.

The government, together with local authorities should ensure an integrated development of the Orshansky district, but during the trip Lukashenko in the region revealed that the key objectives, and virtually all of the local businesses can be attributed to the problem. Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov admitted that to solve all the problems failed.

In response, Lukashenko said that the only reason for this is “pofigistka the government’s attitude to the orders of the President”.

Staff decisions followed immediately. Right during the meeting, Lukashenka dismissed the Chairman of the Orsha city Executive Committee Alexander Poznyak. In addition, lost their posts the Ministers of industry and architecture and construction Vitaly Vovk Anatoly Black. The Chairman of the goskomvoenproma Oleg Digilio and the Secretary of security Council Stanislav Sasu the President announced full service non-compliance and Chairman of the Vitebsk oblast Executive Committee Nikolai Sherstnev has received “a severe reprimand for his disgraceful irresponsible attitude to assigned work”.

“All the other responsible and other I’m just warning you,” — said Lukashenko.

He commissioned November 7 to achieve a positive “progress” in the area and promised to come to control the execution of instructions.
“People — this is important”

However, according to the President, the meeting in Orsha became just “the last straw that broke the camel’s patience.”

He stressed that Belarus has taken a political course in which there can be no disagreement and ambiguity. But some officials, says Lukashenko, in fact, hold quite a different course.

“So I have never been and never will be! What we promised the people and the government formed under this course, the course must be conducted. And most importantly in our politics — the people. This is not populism. I’ve always said and say. Otherwise, we in this country have nothing to do. People — this is important,” the President said.

He added that the discipline, integrity, solidarity, power system and its rigidity, aimed at the discipline and professionalism is a factor of independence. “We will be independent, if our economy will evolve as it should. If we will bring down the economy, no independence can not be. No amount of verbiage is going to save us from destruction,” — said the head of state.

While Lukashenko is confident that all statements about the dictatorship in Belarus is ridiculous.

“We live in a democratic country. While sandwiched by two democratic blocs in the West and from the East. In the South we do democracy any longer. And implement some kind of dictatorship in Belarus — this is just unreal,” he said, stressing that “the order in the country has always been, and it will”.
“No shock therapy”

With the previous government of Lukashenko, he said, had different views on privatization of state property and the level of the average salary. So, he said, some members of the Cabinet began to take the position “let’s go, privatizing state property faster sell out”. According to Lukashenko, it is unacceptable.

“Clearly stated: no shock therapy, no shocks should not be. I never agreed and never will. To cut to the quick anyone in Belarus is not given,” — said the President.

But the government, he said, tried to “indiscriminately to push the shock” and he had to straighten out the Cabinet. The President example in order to achieve the average wage in thousand rubles, which the government “has caused a panic”, so he “personally had to do it.”

He said that he invited the Ministers to receive the same salary, which was followed by the response: “no, the government is not, should be managers in the government to raise salaries, and the higher, the better they will work.”

“So what is this justice?” — outraged the head of state.
The first task of the government

The new Prime Minister Sergei Rumas said that Lukashenko has tasked the updated composition of the government, and the first of them is discipline.

“Probably not a secret that the reason for personnel changes in the government were the questions that appeared in Orsha, and many others. The head of state began with the questions of discipline, decency and the welfare of people,” said Rumas.

He also added that “the welfare people will be the main assessment of the updated composition of the government.”