Jet2 aircraft withdrawn after flap alert

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A the aircraft was removed from service after problems on the two flights in the space of a week.

Plan G-GDFP was “a flap indication warning” on a flight that departed Larnaca on Monday evening for Leeds. He landed safely on Tuesday morning.

The same aircraft, flying from Crete to Leeds, was diverted to Manchester with the same problem as last Thursday.’team of engineers is working with the manufacturer Boeing “to resolve this problem,” the company said.

The flaps are used to extend the surface of an aircraft wing during take-off and landing to generate more lift at the slower speeds associated with these phases of vol.

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The Leeds airline said: “The captain of flight LS466, has received a flap indication warning of the aircraft’s monitoring system, as the crew prepared to land at Leeds Bradford Airport.

“The aircraft entered a holding pattern for a few minutes, to allow the crew time to assess the situation and landed safely, without incident.”

Getty Images said the withdrawal of the aircraft would not re-enter service until the matter had been “heard, tuned and tested.”

Last Thursday, during a flight from Heraklion, in Crete, the plane was diverted from Leeds to Manchester as a “precautionary matter” because of the length of the track, the firm said previously.