Trump announced the promotion to achieve trade agreements with Mexico

The US President Donald trump said that he intends to break the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA), while discussing a new agreement with Mexico and begins negotiations with Canada.

Speaking on Monday in the oval office, trump said that the new agreement, which he called “Trade agreement between USA and Mexico”, he would end NAFTA.

Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto, speaking at the conference, expressed the hope that Canada eventually will also be included in the agreement.

Trump said that the call was organized to “celebrate the mutual understanding”, which failed to reach the parties. “This is an incredible deal for both sides,” he said.

The representative of the canadian foreign Minister Adam Austin said that Canada was in constant communication with the negotiators of NAFTA.

“We will sign a new agreement NAFTA only if it is beneficial for Canada and for the middle class,” he said, adding that the new agreement “we need the signature of Canada.”

Trump said that the negotiations with Canada have not yet begun, and urged the country to negotiate honestly and fairly, and threatened to impose duties on canadian cars, if you don’t get what you want.