The EU is not pursuing an aggressive policy towards Russia, said macron

PARIS, 29 June — RIA Novosti, Lyudmila, orishenko. The European Union did not conduct an aggressive policy towards Russia, said the President of France Emmanuel macron.

“European Union has no aggressive policy towards Russia, moreover, he has the desire to build a long lasting strategy with neighboring countries,” macron said at a press conference after the summit of EU heads of state, adding that talked about this during his visit to St. Petersburg in may.

However, he stressed that the EU cannot ignore the issues of collective security and the crisis in Ukraine, which is still not resolved.

“The commitments we took in the framework of the Minsk agreements must be respected on either side. Therefore, it would be irresponsible and inconsistent with our hand over time to forget about our principles and interests of some member countries of the European Union. I, in particular, talking about the Baltic States and some others. It is the engine of EU policy towards Russia”, — said the French leader.

He also expressed hope that Russia and Ukraine will find a way to comply with the Minsk agreements.