In Ukraine announced the imminent creation of a “powerful” cruise missiles

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Kiev plans to create a “powerful” anti-ship cruise missile, said the head of the Ukrainian Center for army, conversion and disarmament Valentin Badrak.

According to him, the new weapons will be able to hit “any target” at a distance of 280-300 kilometers.

“This is a powerful mobile tool that can be used for the coast guard,” — said the expert. He claims that the missile will be a “psychological factor” the impact on Russia.

Badrak acknowledged that the sea has always been “the weakest” for the Ukrainian army. He stressed that the weapons for the Navy created a “residual principle”, which in turn significantly contributed to their condition.

The expert also said that Kiev has limited capacity of response, which, in his opinion, should be intensified. However, Ukraine is traditionally the sea is not paying proper attention, he said.

“The Navy has always been an outsider — in terms of views of Kiev on how to develop and how to Finance”, — said Badrak in an interview with “Apostrophe”.
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The military-industrial complex of Ukraine is deteriorating, said Russian military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.

“With regard to complex, high-precision weapon systems, Ukraine in principle, not able to create,” said RIA Novosti Korotchenko.

According to him, Ukraine held periodically simulate some runs, however, in reality, Kiev “nothing alone can not produce and develop even more”.

The reason for the current situation of the Ukrainian MIC is the gap cooperative relations with Russia, said the analyst.

He recalled that Kiev was trying to produce armored personnel carriers, which caused “very serious issues”.
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“Ukraine has repeatedly thwarted a number of contracts for the supply of armored vehicles to foreign customers in South-East Asia”, — said Korotchenko.

He added that the export of Ukrainian armored personnel carriers customers have filed many claims.

“In particular, the known facts — cracked armor”, — the expert reminded.
The failures of the defense

Ukrainian military equipment is not popular either domestically or from foreign partners. In early 2014, Iraq has returned from 42 BTR-4 and annulled the contract with Kiev for their supply. It turned out that of the 88 machines have been received by the customer, managed to make only 56. An even smaller number of cars moved at only 34.

In February it became known that Croatia would return to Ukraine four of the MiG-21 due to faults. In addition, Zagreb will require replacement and will conduct a detailed investigation on the fact of poor maintenance of aircraft.

In April, China had recognized the defective aircraft carrier Liaoning, which was bought in Kiev in an unfinished form. For eight years, Beijing has tried to improve the capabilities of the cruiser, however, this proved impossible.
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