Trump will discuss with the President of Kenya, security issues and trade

The US President Donald trump will meet on Monday with President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta. Talks between the two leaders will be held after the completion of the months-long crisis surrounding the elections in Kenya, which is the commercial hub of East Africa.

Uhuru Kenyatta will become the second African leader who will meet with trump in the White house. Earlier this year, trump met with the President of Nigeria.

In the administration of the Kenyatta announced that the talks will be mainly on trade and regional security. According to the project monitoring assistance in the field of Security Assistance Monitor, Kenya is the third largest recipient of us assistance in this area among the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya’s President will also meet with leaders of the American business community to attract investment.

According to political observer John Githongo, trump Kenyatta the President of Kenya to improve their image after the crisis, when the Supreme court of Kenya reversed the outcome of the held in last August presidential election, citing irregularities, and the opposition boycotted the new vote.

On Thursday Kenyatta will receive the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Kenya said that this is the first visit may to Africa since taking office in July 2016.

According to Monica Juma, the choice may points to the importance of Kenya in the international community.

It is expected that Kenyatta and Mei obsudit the strengthening of existing agreements in the area of security, said Kenyan officials.