In Afghanistan liquidated the local leader of the “Islamic state”

The leader of the “Islamic state” in Afghanistan, Abdou Saad Arami and nine subordinate commanders was killed as a result of the blow inflicted by drone.

Night a missile attack was carried out in the district Khogyani Nangarhar province, a situation which is unstable. Here is the headquarters-quartile terrorist group known as “Islamic state Khorasan province”.

The representative authorities of the province of Attaullah Khogyani said the correspondent of “voice of America” that as a result of the strike also destroyed two base groups.

Representatives of Afghan intelligence said that the international forces have provided assistance in counter-terrorism organization.

The representative of the us military Lieutenant Colonel Martin O’donnell confirmed to the correspondent of “voice of America” that the U.S. military struck on Sunday counter-terrorism strike, which was “directed against a senior leader of the organization, recognized as a terrorist”.

The representative of the President of Afghanistan, Soussan Mortazavi tweeted that “”Daish” (ISIS) in Afghanistan dealt a serious blow”, which demonstrated the commitment of the Afghan government in the fight against terrorism.

Arabi, became the fourth killed the leader of the group “Islamic state Khorasan province” since the beginning of its extremist activities in Afghanistan in 2015 from bases in Nangarhar near the border with neighboring Pakistan.