New us sanctions pressure on the Russian ruble

On Wednesday, the ruble today fell markedly against the background of the entry into force of the first part of the new package of American sanctions against Russia, and also in connection with the continued growth of the single European currency paired with the dollar on the global market.

In the end, one dollar by the end of the day cost above 68 rubles, and the Euro for the first time since April of this year surpassed the mark of 79 rubles. Once US sanctions were a response to poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia nerve substance in British Salisbury.

The us state Department agree with the conclusions of the London of involvement in Moscow, there are also convinced that Russia thus had violated the US law on the control of chemical and biological weapons and prohibiting its military use from 1991.

In the first part of the new sanctions prohibited the delivery to Russia of dual-use goods, the export of goods and technologies related to the national security of the US, and also supply electronics components and technology for the oil and gas industry.

If Russia refuses to cooperate with international experts on chemical weapons in November will take effect the second, much more sensitive part of new U.S. sanctions. It will include lowering the level of bilateral diplomatic relations, or even their full suspension, almost complete trade embargo, even a possible ban on flights to USA and Aeroflot and blocking loans Moscow by international financial organizations.