Ryanair compensation cheques ‘bounced’

Ryanair passengers who have received compensation for cancellations and delays of flights have been charged additional costs after banks refused to accept the cheque.

Several people have said their bank had returned the cheques they had received from the company because they have been signed.

A passenger, who has waited 11 months for the compensation, he said that it was worse after the bank added a fee of 20 euros (£17.94).

Ryanair has apologised and blamed the problem “administrative error”.

From the month of April, more than a million passengers Ryanair in Europe have been delayed or cancelled flights, according to the airline’s own figures.

On the last day of the pilots ‘ walk-out on the 10th of August led to the cancellation of nearly 400 flights.

Ryanair, which is Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, has been hit by delays in bad weather or air traffic control shortage.


The Civil Aviation Authority recently stepped in to warn the passengers involved in the strikes that you should ask for a compensation.

Known as EU261, compensation is set at € 250 (£224) for flights up to 1,500 km (932 miles), and 400 euros (£358) for the longer routes in Europe and North Africa.

Businessman Gordon Fong has received £440, after his return flight from Spain in the month of June for the first time, deviated, and then landed at another airport in the UNITED kingdom, leaving him with a 150-mile journey in a taxi to his home in Bournemouth.

“But when I received the check there was no signature,” he said.

“I took a leave of absence from work to drive to the bank, but was told by the cashier I could not use it. I had to return to the site to try to get them to respond and send a new check, but I have not yet had a reply.”

The BBC has spoken to 10 other people who said their compensation by Ryanair has been refused by the bank.

‘Anniversary is ruined”

In a statement, Ryanair said that “a very small number of cheques” drawn up in the month of July have been issued without a required signature “due to an administrative error”.

He said that the cheques were re-issued to customers, with a letter of explanation” of 15 August.

“We apologize again for the inconvenience caused to customers,” the airline added.
Ryanair cancels flights, pilots walk out
No compensation for cancelled flights
Ryanair passengers can claim compensation

Ryanair has also said that customers whose flights were cancelled “were either refunded or re-accommodated on an alternate flight, and we treat all valid EU261 compensation claims within 10 working days”.

“Ryanair complies with regulation EU261, under which no compensation is payable to the customer when the (strike) the delay/cancellation is beyond the airline control.

“If these strikes, a small minority of Ryanair pilots, were within Ryanair’s control, there would have been no strikes and no cancellation.”


Ryanair is in dispute with the pilots in the five countries.

The financial report shows that in the last year has paid 25 million euros (£22.4 m) in EU261 claims for compensation arising from the breaking of his calendar last fall.

The report says that EU261 costs increased as “passengers have a higher propensity to claim with respect to previous years”.

Last year, Ryanair made a profit of € 1.3 billion of taxes. He carried 130 million passengers in 2017.

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