Facebook has closed hundreds of deceptive accounts

Social network Facebook has revealed and closed hundreds of accounts, groups and pages that have engaged in deceptive political activities.

It is a broader event than that which she reported three weeks ago with great fanfare.

The social network announced the deletion 652 pages, groups and accounts associated with Russia, and – unexpectedly – with Iran in connection with the “coordinated inauthentic behavior”, which included the exchange of political materials.

Facebook has significantly strengthened the control over its platform, after last year, the company admitted that Russian agents used for successful operations to influence the presidential elections in 2016.

Other social networks have taken similar steps and continue to find new evidence of the political campaigns of misinformation.

Facebook actions taken in late July in respect of the 32 accounts, perhaps related to Russia in General concerned the political activities in the United States on the eve of the November midterm elections to Congress.

At this time, the contents of closed, apparently fake accounts had more to do with attempts to influence US foreign policy and regional politics in the middle East.

“You can see people trying to abuse the service in a variety of ways… Now doing this and the state,” said mark Zuckerberg in a conference call with reporters.

According to him, it is a “sophisticated and well-funded” campaigns for the introduction of misleading people, “which shall not cease.”

Shortly after the announcement of Facebook, the social network Twitter said that it was also prostanovka work 284 accounts, including many accounts of Iranian origin, in connection with the “coordinated manipulation”.

A day earlier, Microsoft announced about the Russian attempt to create fake sites American conservative organizations, presumably as part of a campaign of espionage.