Klitschko: For five days the city needs to resolve problems in areas of flooding

The city’s utilities to develop a plan of effective measures for prevention of floodings. This was stated by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko during a meeting of the Constant Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergencies of Executive body of Kyiv city Council.

About it reports a press-service.

“Causes of flooding are complex. This failure to comply with building regulations when carrying out construction works, insufficient capacity of the existing drainage system, which was built in the 70-ies, non-efficient operation of such networks, and others. Obviously, we are dealing with, including the consequences of climate change. And, according to experts of hydrometeorological centre, there is every reason to expect an increase in the negative impact of adverse weather events in Kiev “, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

He also gave instructions to the head of QA “kievavtodor“ for 5 days to provide suggestions concerning the creation of separate specialized units within the municipal Corporation, which will be responsible for the management and control of the functioning of storm sewer systems. And also check the performance specifications provided to developers in part of the arrangement on the storm sewers.

The Department of public works has in a short time to conduct a survey of places where the laying of utilities, and provide regulations regarding the strict observance of construction requirements and technology.

Management of emergency situations jointly with the State service of emergency situations of the ot to explore the shopping malls of the capital for their protection from ingress of rainwater, and ensuring the safety of visitors.

“Then together we will make a number of decisions. Violators of the rules they do not like. But this is not a game. Owing to bad weather could hurt people. We must therefore take all necessary measures to minimize the consequences of emergency situations “, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

He recalled that for several times a week in Kiev, the storm raged. Three heavy rain, heavy wind and hail. In the city of the fallen 300 and 500 damaged trees, destroyed 8 power transmission pylons, and there was a large flooding.

Especially strong was the downpour that on the night of August 19 in Kiev have done great harm. Due to bad weather and flooding traffic in the center of the city was paralyzed. Some cafes, entertainment facilities and underground Parking lots in shopping centers filled with water. Utilities capital promptly removed by the impact of the bad weather. Sunday morning in the city, there was virtually no traffic limitations – in addition to the street Antonovich. There workers worked continuously during the day. And on Monday morning the movement of the renovated street was opened.