The venue of the probe to the star of the show thrown in

Layton Williams

A Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue, has launched an investigation, after a Bad training-star Layton Williams accused the security staff of the “racial profiling” when he was thrown.

Layton Williams said in a post on Twitter, as the staff said he looked like someone who had jumped the fence in the auditorium two weeks ago.

Williams denied this, and said, he can prove could, he was somewhere else at the time.

Assembly Festival is now on Twitter an apology to the English actor.

Layton Williams

In a video-tweet, Williams, appears in the BBC Three show with Jack Whitehall, said: “I’m Fringe at Edinburgh, and I’m angry.

“So these lot to think about here, I was here two weeks ago, because I like other mixed-race (human), apparently.

“I can’t prove that I was there, two weeks ago, as I was elsewhere.

“But I just got out of the venue for the search of suspects flown, because I look like someone else.

“But that is not me.

“I have the evidence but you don’t want to see the receipts.”

Assembly Festival tweeted: “We want to be. @Layton Williams apologize for how the incident in George Square Gardens was handled by our staff and security last night

“We are currently looking into the situation with our security contractor and investigate further.”