The property of the Church transferred the building of the temple of the XVIII century in the center of Moscow

Moscow. August 20. INTERFAX – the Department of garkusheva of Moscow has disposed to transfer the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church the building of the temple in honor of St. Simeon for Yauza on Nikoloyamskaya street.

As notes in this regard the Financial management of the Church, the building is object of a cultural heritage of Federal importance.

The first mention of a stone Church in honor of St. Simeon for Yauza, according to archival materials, refers to 1658. In 1731 the Church was demolished and rebuilt.

In 1764, built a new refectory part of the temple with two side chapels were consecrated in honor of saints Nicholas and Dimitri of Rostov. In 1789, erected the four-storey bell tower.

In 1812 the Church was damaged by fire in 1813, was renovated and re-consecrated. In the early 1850-ies again rebuilt the refectory part. Until the late nineteenth century work continued on updating and improvement of the temple.

In 1929, worship in the temple was discontinued in the same period of the confiscated Church valuables. The building of the temple was placed the Moscow Institute of improvement of qualification of technical employees of Moscow city. During the Soviet period were lost to the interior of the temple, made floors, demolished the upper tiers of the bell tower.

The services in the Cathedral resumed in 1995.