Melania trump called cyberbullying “destructive and harmful”

US first lady Melania trump on Monday called cyberbullying “destructive and harmful” behavior, while her husband the President, Donald trump continues daily attacks on their opponents on Twitter.

Melania trump, speaking in the framework of its campaign “Be the best”, said: “Let’s face it: most kids know more about the advantages and disadvantages of social networks than some adults, but we still must do everything possible to give them the information and tools to make successful and secure online habits.”

Speaking at a conference to combat bullying on the Internet, the first lady said, “In today’s global society social networking is an inevitable part of everyday life for our children.”

“They can be used in many positive ways, but they can also be destructive and harmful if used improperly. That is why the campaign “Be the best” focused on how important it is to teach our new generation how to safely and positively behave on the Internet”, – said Melania trump.

The President regularly criticizes trump on the Internet officials, whom he considers his opponents, including spectacular Robert Mueller and his investigation of the relations between the election headquarters trump and Moscow. Last week, the President dedicated a few tweets insulting his former assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has published a book with unflattering comments about the President and his administration.

Press Secretary, first lady Stephanie Grisham said Melania trump “knows” about the criticism about the fact that her calls to the correct behavior in social networks sharply contrast with their own tweets her husband.

“But this does not prevent her to do what she thinks is right, added Grisham. – I hope most people in this country are proud that they have such a strong and independent first lady who cares about children. I am personally proud of that.”