The next President of the United States began to save Europe from a secret plan of Russia

Victor marakhovskii, for RIA Novosti

Ahead of his visit to Austria Russian President Vladimir Putin told the local press: our country did not seek to divide the European Union. On the contrary, it is interested that the EU, its major trading partner, were unified and prospered.

What’s important here. The thesis of “Russia aiming to divide Europe”, is now imposed on Europeans with wild force. In the leading English-language media is almost as self-evident truth as the fact that Russia killed the blogger Babchenko, killed the spy Skripal and brought down the Boeing.

By the way, there is a version. Once against the “Russian” version of the death of Malaysian Boeing rebelled Malaysia — market anti-Russian campaign came bezrybe. And this is why advanced Western media so gleefully clung to the monstrous murder of a blogger in Kiev. And because of the fact that a day late whirled desperately, at the level of “poisoned Syrian boy,” the hastily swallowed it to the media swore the next morning, realizing that they have become victims of ruthless Ukrainian creativity.

But back to Russia. Paradoxically, the main stream of warnings about the Russian plans for the division of Europe comes from the UK. That is out of state, decided to withdraw from the EU and is now trying to control its policy.

Here, for example, about the need for Russia to divide Europe warns the head of the British secret service MI5.

But the thirst for Russia to divide Europe warns European Council of foreign relations (ECFR). His name sounds like European — but it’s an illusion, because in fact it is a think-tank with headquarters in London, funded from the same place.

And so on.

The problem here, however, is that the main “separatist” European States are also the most anti-Russian. Neither the UK or, say, Poland can not be suspected of lack of official Russophobia. Both countries, each in their own way, trying to ruin the “core of the EU” life. Both are closed from accepting refugees; both bravely fighting the gas “flows” in principle does not concern them; Poland, receiving 17 billion euros per year from the European budget, boldly demands reparations from Germany. Britain, slamming the door so as not to pay contributions to the EU, bravely fights with Brussels to keep the “European” economic benefits.

Against this background always appears to be the main ally — the USA. Because when an economic war against Russia and Iran unleash for the fact that these States are bad, but against European countries because the very need money, Europeans have a logical question arises: what the hell, then, are the common values?
Full back

For all these reasons, the propaganda deployed in Europe, the world picture looks now like this:

— the main enemies of the European Union is still Russia and China. They really want to trade with Europe and offer benefits, but carried on is impossible. Because it is known: they lead Europe in hybrid, that is invisible and unprovable, war. Russia is fighting so skillfully, that not prove anything, but you have to believe.

— the main friend of the European Union is still the USA. However, they are now openly trying to strip friends, but then the fault only thug trump. We must be patient: here comes the next President, he will fix it. No one, however, cannot tell when will come this next President, what’s his name and what he will do. All the while remember the persistent attempts of the administration of the good-natured Obama to push Europe to a completely colonial “transatlantic partnership” — but after trump everything will be different, you have to believe.

And this “need to believe” in recent years, has become the main motive of all protivorossiysky propaganda. As to the spy, a blogger and Boeing did not work, evidence of malignancy more commonly translated in the plane of the spiritual. As the Guardian aptly puts it — “don’t need to see how Russia poisons people to understand the growing threat to common values from the hostile, corrupt Putin regime”.

…To explain that in reality, on the contrary, Russia needs a United, rich and strong EU — simple, without any appeal to the Values and “must believe”.

Russia needs rich EU because a wealthy trading partner has a high purchasing power, and trade balance with the EU for us is positive.

Russia needs a United EU because of a United Europe, centrally care about their security problems in Russia will be much less than the chains of the insane “friends of the United States” along its Western borders.

Sovereign Russia needs the EU economically because EU did not need anti-Russian trade sanctions and the acquisition of European sovereignty with the high probability will lead to their abolition.
Beware of the neighbor

And it is no coincidence that the first foreign country to which is sent after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, became Austria.

This is country: a) European, b) rich, C) neutral, and therefore not a member of NATO, g) consistently advocating for the withdrawal from Europe of anti-Russian policy.

That is, in Austria you can see the prototype of the independent Union with which Russia would like to deal with in the XXI century.

And therefore, those who are now foremost in the preaching Common Values and Western Unity in the face of treacherous pipelines and Eurasian trade routes from Europe require obedience to his own detriment. In fact, the preachers of Values and Unity behave like negative characters preperestroika film “Garage”.

Those characters are also blatantly and selfishly bent garage cooperative members shouting “you have a private instincts!” and “You prevent the common cause!”. Here are just slogans, which they skillfully used, could live for several years.

And there is reason to believe that the slogans about Values, Unity and Patience too short time left to live.
With friends like that who needs enemies