Double hit hits traffic cops

The police said that they were now looking for the two female occupants of the vehicle who escaped on foot after the stolen vehicle was disabled by tire deflation devices.

A police spokesman said that the white Subaru Outback had been stolen from Bli Bli at some point between 7.30 pm and 2.15 pm on Monday after thieves forced entry through the front door of a house and found a spare set of keys.

The vehicle was discovered by police last night in Deception Bay.

The spokesman said that the driver reversed the Vehicle in a police vehicle and then hit her again, causing significant damage.

Two women were seen fleeing on foot after another police vehicle successfully deployed the tire deflation devices.

The Subaru was also damaged in the incident, but the police spokesman said that not to the same extent that the police vehicle.

The two officers who were in the vehicle complained of neck and shoulder pain and were treated by paramedics at the scene.The motorist turns on a motorcycle cop1:44

The police have launched the video of a motorcycle cop’s body camera showing a motorist to swerve on its way to Toowoomba. Video: Queensland Police ServiceThe August 18, 20185 hours ago