Overview: What is the UK car market?

A statistic jumped out of UK automotive manufacturing figures for the month of June. The number of cars built in the country of sale here, rather than for export, has fallen by 47%. Have we really fell in love with the BRITISH built cars that much?

The answer is related to a roller coaster half of the year for car sales in this country.

“I’ve been in the industry, 26 and 27 years old and I can’t remember a year with a lot of distortion,” said Daksh Gupta, ceo of Marshall Motor Group, which had 99 dealers in the UK. On the surface, the united KINGDOM, the sales of cars are now pretty well considering the disruptive forces of “brexit”, a weakness of the pound sterling and the theft of diesel. The figures for the period January-June of this year were down 6.3% to 1.3 million, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

But behind the relative quiet of the sales figures is the turmoil. Diesel sales are tanking. In the first six months, the BRITISH public has bought nearly 200,000 fewer new diesel cars compared to the same period last year, giving the new diesel cars have a market share of only 33%.

Some automakers are suffering more than others and the most important British manufacturing plants. Jaguar Land Rover first half, UK sales were down 9%, for which it largely blames the diesel decline; 85% of its UK sales are diesel.