Not set Dieselgate interested in Volkswagen to be deleted in Germany

The owners of Dieselgate the affected vehicles of the Volkswagen Group in Germany, who refuse to have the manufacturer of the emission correction applied may have their car, cancel the registration from the part of the authorities.

Automobilwoche reports that the KBA, Germany, motor vehicle, the regulator has already revoked the registrations of various Audi and VW without the correction of Hamburg and Munich, following repeated warnings to the drivers, because the cars were still emit more NOx than originally stated.

The correction is compulsory in Germany, because the authorities have declared a safety recall, while in the UNITED kingdom, has been labeled a ‘service action’. The KBA has told Automobilwoche: “The recall is mandatory. The cars that are not fixed, may be put out of service. Subject to the release date of the updates, the owner of the car has about a year and a half. A lot of time to take part in the recall.”

The deregistrations are not, therefore, completely unexpected. Similar deregistrations are unlikely to happen in the UK because the fix has not been declared a security problem here.