Skoda Octavia vRS long-term review

Why we’re running: This is the first of two parts: the diesel vRS for three months, the essence of the vRS for three months. Which makes the better buy?

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Life with a Skoda Octavia vRS: 4 Months

Two schools of thought on the vRS seem to be July 4, 2018

The third generation Octavia is now five years old, but still a nice car, especially in the vRS 245 covered. With Moon-White body two-tone wheels and a contrasting black color of the grille, the mirrors and the window frames, it seems very difficult indeed. That said, my other half think it is a little bit desperate. “Who’s it for?” she asks. “A boy racer who was forced to grow up?”

Mileage: 1533

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Life with the Skoda Octavia vRS: 3 Months

The time of change of the vRS all-wheel-drive diesel hatch for a front-wheel-drive of the vRS to the essence of the real estate – 20 June 2018