The defender of Russian schools in Latvia, said that the US is preparing in Riga provocation

MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. A member of the staff of protection of Russian schools Alexander Gaponenko, protects the right of Russian-speaking population of Latvia to study in their native language, a few days before his arrest, warned Americans of the impending provocation. Expected script, which he outlined an unnamed friend, he posted on his page in Facebook.

In particular, it is noted that NATO troops with the participation of US special forces can spend in Latvia a special operation in the framework of a large-scale exercise, scheduled for may 12-15. Pretending to be Russian activists, a group of Americans “play the script of the Russian rebellion” with burning tires and spraying chloropicrin at the diet building. Then, showing footage of the choking of deputies of the Western channels, the organizers of the provocation is going to say it — “implementation of hybrid threats from Russia,” said human rights activist.

Gaponenko considers that such “action” could serve as a pretext for demonstrative arrests of us special forces and the security police of Latvia Russian activists and places them into a temporary concentration camp on the territory of the stadium, and a new wave of “ethnic cleansing.”

Several leaders of the Russian movement said they considered such a scenario plausible. “Information from a friend of the Riga taxi driver, I give verbatim: the fourth day we carry American soldiers from the airport to hotels,” he wrote on his page in Facebook Vladimir Linderman, adding that the new Americans are very different from those who came before — “silent sports”.

Four days after the publication of the post with a warning about provocation, on 20 April, the security police of Latvia has detained Gaponenko on suspicion of “activities against the country’s independence”. On Saturday, the court arrested him.

The Parliament of Latvia on 23 March approved amendments to the law “On education”, providing for the transfer of all schools into a state language of training to the 2021-2022 school year. In Latvia there are about two million people, of whom about 40 percent — Russian-speaking. In the country the only state language — Latvian, Russian has the status of a foreign.