Activists have threatened not to let the archaeologists in excavations in the area

Social activists by threats and by force tried to disrupt the press conference of archaeologists dedicated to the resumption of excavations in the area. The incident occurred on Tuesday, August 14, in the auditorium of the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

It is reported by Espreso.

Archaeologists and a half hours talking about plans for the area, and also discussed whether to invite international experts to carry out preservation and to create a Museum directly on the site.

The event was attended by about two dozen people in black t-shirts with inscriptions: “save the Postal area.“ These people were aggressive, constantly interrupting speakers, giving the Express an expert point of view. They demanded that the Institute to terminate the contract for excavations with the developer, thereby jeopardizing the fate of the artifacts.

Several times the host of the press conference, Deputy head of the Union of architects of Ukraine Yakov Gershkovich, warned he would call the police, but the so-called activists continued to behave aggressively, in every way trying to disrupt the event.

One of the men in the front row threatened from the pulpit and sitting in the hall with a hammer. In the end, he jumped to one of the archaeologists Vyacheslav Baranov, and directly threatened if the conditions activists are not adopted, “anything can happen“.

“Don’t act like pigs! With all due respect, we will take you there (to the site, where excavations at the Postal square – ed.) just don’t let me go“ – said one of the activists Anabela Morin to the representatives of the Institute of archaeology of Ukraine.

This same activist, shouting down of speakers, experts, insisted that “it was August 14 – present Day of the baptism of Russia“, although officially recognized the date for this event is July 28. Also Morin, contrary to the historical facts, called Postal area “place of the baptism of Rus“.

Recall that the Institute of archaeology of Ukraine published an open letter on the situation at the Postal square, where he supported the position of the Kiev administration on key issues: Ukraine has no technology to promote the preservation of the artifacts, the excavation necessary to attract international experts on the area should be a Museum.