Defenders of freedom of speech should trump unblock user Twitter

Defenders of freedom of speech stated that the President of the United States Donald trump continues to block dozens of users of the social network Twitter, despite a court order, according to which such activity would violate the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Institute knight in defense of the First amendment (The Knight First Amendment Institute) at Columbia University in new York sent a letter to the U.S. Department of justice, which advised that the trump is still blocking access 41 to his account in “Twitter”.

A group that advocates freedom of expression, notes that all of these users have been blocked after in their tweets negatively spoken about trump or his policies.

“The first amendment prohibits the President to block users of Twitter simply because they criticized him,” said a lawyer of the Institute knight Katie Fallow.

Judge of the Federal court in new York Naomi Rice Buchwald decided on 23 may that the trump is required to restore access to his account in “Twitter” for the seven people who applied for this reason to the court. The plaintiffs have made to recover access to the account of the President of the United States in June. In conclusion, judge Buchwald was not mentioned a certain number of users that trump was supposed to unlock.

In may, Buchwald decided that criticism, commenting on trump’s tweets on this popular social network have the right to Express their opinion and that if trump will block them, it would violate the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech

Donald trump uses your account on Twitter, which signed about 54 million users of the social network, to promote their policies and criticism of opponents, which, being blocked, cannot reply directly to tweets of the President.

The white house has not commented on the letter of the knight Institute, but the U.S. justice Department filed Tuesday 8 August to appeal against the decision of the new York court said that the decision of judge Buchwald was “totally misinterpreted”.

The account of the tramp “belongs to Donald Trump as a private person,” and he leads his own behalf and not on behalf of the government,” reads the appeal.