Senator McCain is satisfied with the prospect of new sanctions against Russia

Republican Senator John McCain, who is a hardliner against Russia, expressed satisfaction that the U.S. state Department is moving in the direction of strengthening sanctions against Moscow.

“Glad to see the Department of state is moving in the direction of sanctions against Putin’s Russia due to chemical attack. Congress should continue to monitor the process to ensure that sanctions are brought to life, quickly and in full,” – wrote McCain on Twitter.

On Wednesday USA announced the introduction against Russia of tough new sanctions after coming to the conclusion that Moscow is responsible for the poisoning of former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK in March.

Announced on Wednesday, sanctions come into force on 22 August. They affect issued by the authorities of the United States licenses the export of goods of importance for national security, for example, electronics.

A senior U.S. state Department spokesman also said that Russia could face additional round of “more draconian” sanctions for 90 days if not present “reliable assurances” that it no longer uses chemical and biological weapons.

Currently, McCain is undergoing treatment of brain cancer.