Riot tornadovtsev: jail swore at officials of the Ministry of justice

During his briefing near Lukyanivka prison in Kiev on the fact of rebellion in the insulator relative of one of the tornadovtsev swore at the press Secretary of the Deputy Minister of justice Yury Maslak.

The video can be viewed at the link.

The woman tried in obscene form to prove to the Maslak that could not pass gasoline in a jail cell, and gave only a condom.

At the same time, Maslak announced that the ex-tornadovtsa were preparing a riot in the prison, and when law enforcement officers decided to carry out a search, blocked and resisted.

He also said that former volunteers are also “demanded money from other persons who are held in jail, price of life”.

“In the framework of criminal actions was held today searches. Our staff together with the staff of Prosecutor’s office, security Service of Ukraine “alpha” came to the camera tornadovtsev and they resisted. That is was used firecrackers homemade, which they did, also they had melee weapons. Homemade firecrackers they have made directly in the camera because they are made with powder from the usual matches that are not prohibited to transfer prisoners,” said Maslak.

According to him, one of the firecrackers was activated, one of the police officers were injured in connection with which all involved will be charged with article 348 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (attempt at life of law enforcement officer), which sanction of article provides from 9 to 15 years of imprisonment.

“In order to stabilize the situation, three men were taken from jail and other remaining persons placed in solitary confinement”, – said Erler, adding that three police vans brought three individuals in three different penal institutions of Kyiv region and in jail left four people.

The official refused to name names taken prisoners.

Talking about the details of the resistance ex-tornadovtsev the police, the Ministry of justice representative said that they had barricaded themselves. “Moreover, they’ve got fuel you gasoline, and one of the employees has also been doused with fuel with the threats that is now on fire. Because we actually opened the camera. From tornadovtsev no one was injured, our staff worked quickly,” – said Maslak.

According to him, there is physical evidence, videos, live, who were themselves ex-tornadovtsa. “They were standing with knives and an axe, where they agreed that they had to kill our employees. This is the live stream, it was and is already in the domain. Also on the website of the General Prosecutor’s office are lined with photos, videos will be posted with items found during a search. All the footage,” said Maslak.

We will remind, in April of 2017, the court sentenced eight former members of the company Tornado to long terms of imprisonment. Another four defendants received suspended sentences.


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