The judge at the trial of Manafort apologized for statements of charges

The judge at the trial of Manafort apologized for the harsh statements in the address the charges.

“I may have made a mistake. It has no relation to your work on this case,” said judge T. S. Ellis in the eighth day of his trial in Alexandria.

Ellis has repeatedly urged prosecutors, and throughout the process the impression that the party of protection it applies more favorably. He also repeatedly made comments that, according to some jurists, can cause jury bias against the prosecution.

Manafort pleaded not guilty on any of the 18 charges. Imputed to him such crimes as Bank and tax fraud, and the concealment of foreign accounts. This is the first trial in the investigation of the Russian intervention in elections in 2016 (recall that the investigation led spectracolor Mueller). .

On Thursday prosecutors asked the judge to correct some of the statements he made yesterday. Ellis sharply criticized the prosecution for what the IRS agent Michael Welch allowed to remain in the courtroom before it was his turn to testify.

The judge said that he didn’t like that the witnesses were present at the meetings before testifying, but prosecutors had previously asked to allow the courtroom of the agents and experts on taxes. On Wednesday, the prosecution reminded Ellis that he gave on this permission, however, the judge in the presence of the jury raised their voice, shouting: “don’t you ever to do that.”

On Thursday morning, the team Mueller asked the judge to give the jury instructions subject to adjustment subject to their consideration and to say that he was “wrongly blamed” for the prosecution. In the submitted documents States that on the first day of the trial, the prosecutors told Ellis that Welch will remain in the courtroom, and he didn’t mind.