Pound world brand could be resurrected

The pound world brand could be resurrected, on some main roads.

A deal was agreed to buy in principle, is for the Irish retail family, the Hendersons pound world brand and the leases on some of the operations of the collapsed discounters.

However, the proposed deal is not the jobs, you save all the latest pound world employees.

The rest of the stores close on Thursday afternoon, a source close to the administrator, Deloitte, said.

The proposed deal would probably encompass about 10% of the 355 pound world shops.

There is no share in connection with the proposed amount is, therefore, to open the stores again, under the pound world brand, they need to be re-stocked, and hire staff.

That would be no obligation for the new pound world shops to rehire existing staff.

If the deal proceeds, for an as yet undisclosed sum, there is no debt or pension obligations for existing staff to be said, other source,.Who are the Hendersons?

Dublin-retail family, the Hendersons, opened a shop called pound world in Ireland in the year 1984.

This business has nothing to do with a pound world in the UK, established in the year 1974 by Christopher Edwards.

Ray Henderson sold the Irish pound world, Euro, world, 2007.

His son, David Henderson, is in negotiations with Deloitte on the pound world-UK-brand.Death of a discounter

Pound world went into administration in June, with the all the shops close from Friday, 10. August.

Overall, the collapse of the chain is the loss of 5,100 jobs.

The discount chain went stretcher in the administration after the fight with the tough competition on the High Street from rivals including Poundland and Pound.

It was also hit by the decline in the value of the pound after 2016 Brexit referendum, which pushed up the price of the imported goods.

A string of British store groups have either gone out of business or announced, spending the close proximity of the shops this year as they struggle with subdued consumer spending, rising personnel costs, higher assets taxes and the growing online competition.

House of Fraser is to fight, and Maplin and Toys R Us, the two went to the administration.

Other High Street names, including Marks & Spencer, Carphone Warehouse, New Look, carpet right, have announced significant store closures.