The parish of the Cathedral in suburb of Petersburg was fined 300 thousand rubles for the construction of a shopping pavilion without permission

Saint-Petersburg. 8 Aug. INTERFAX – the State administrative and technical inspection (GATI) in St. Petersburg was fined 300 thousand rubles parish of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kolpino, illegally built shopping pavilion, told “Interfax” on Wednesday the press service of the Ministry.

“The parish is fined for unauthorized work, failure to perform duties to obtain a warrant prior to construction, lack of fencing in the construction and information shield,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

It was said that the earth, which had previously been leased by the parish from a bar was built trading hall with an area of 25 square meters. Violations were identified on may 23. The resolution of the fine came into force on 3 August.

The future of construction in HATI said.

On 6 August Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating the rules of the demolition of “illegally built” and protect the rights of bona fide owners of such buildings. The law was passed by the Parliament on 26 July and approved by the Federation Council on July 28 of this year.

Law clarifies the concept of “unauthorized construction”: determines that the construction may be deemed unauthorized only if the violation of the requirements established at the beginning of its creation and current at the time of detection of unauthorized construction.