Rand Paul delivered the Putin administration letter from the President trump

Republican Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that during his visit to Moscow brought the Russian government the letter from President Donald trump.

“I was honored to deliver a letter from the President trump the administration of President Vladimir Putin. The letter emphasized the importance of further cooperation in various spheres, including in the fight against terrorism and development of dialogue between the legislative bodies and the resumption of cultural exchange,” wrote Paul in Twitter account.

The white house has not yet given any comments regarding the letter.

Paul said that he went to the Russian capital to encourage diplomatic efforts against the background of tensions in relations between the two countries.

On Monday, he held talks with members of the Russian Parliament, has vowed to block new sanctions against Russia, and invited Russian MPs to come to Washington.

As recalled by the correspondent of “Voice of America” Ken Bredemeyer, American intelligence has concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential elections of 2016 in an attempt to help win trump. Moscow these accusations are categorically rejects. In addition, relations between the two countries is complicated by differences over Syria and Ukraine.

After the summit in Helsinki last month, trump has invited Putin to Washington and Putin trump in Moscow, however, until a new meeting was not appointed. The White house claim that Putin’s visit to Washington postponed to 2019: expected to already completed led by spectaculorum Mueller investigation on the Russian intervention in the elections.

In the United States, the behavior of trump at the summit was sharply criticized: the impression that he supported the position of Putin, denies meddling in the election. During a joint press conference, Putin admitted that he wanted to win trump because he said he wanted to improve relations with Moscow.

Trump later corrected his statement and said that Russia interfered in the elections, but continued to deny allegations that Moscow helped him to win.