Griezmann has arranged with Subsytem mind games and beat him

France striker Antoine Griezmann in the first half of the final of the 2018 world Cup against Croatia confidently converted the penalty to put his team ahead in the final match of the tournament.

When Griezmann came to the 11-meter mark, he made mind games with the goalkeeper of Croatia Daniel Subasic. Griezmann with his eyes and lips showed that would strike to the bottom left corner of the goal Subasic.

The Croatian Keeper there and jumped, but Griezmann shot into the opposite corner.

Previously, the Network showed why an own goal from Mandzukic could not be counted.

Recall that the national team of France won the 2018 world Cup after the victory over the Croats. Video of goals and video highlights of the game is already available on our website.

Note that the captain of the Croatian Luka Modric was the best player of the tournament.

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