Gates continues to give evidence at the trial of Manafort

Cross-examination of a key witness in the case of Paul Manafort passed in an aggressive manner: the defendant’s lawyer asked Rick gates hard questions about its own crimes, is an extramarital affair and a plea deal that might allow him to avoid punishment.

On Wednesday, gates once again testifying, answering any questions the lawyer Manafort, which States that the witness is confused in their own lies, and is puzzled how the jury can trust him.

Lawyers Manafort, the former campaign Manager of the trump, are determined to undermine the credibility of the testimony of gates. Lawyer Kevin Downing began cross-examination with the fact that reminded your ex of his client his own false testimony to the team of spectacular Robert Mueller, forced him to confess to an extramarital affair and questioned in detail about the theft of hundred thousand dollarv Manafort in which the witness has previously admitted.

“And after all your lies and fraud you hope that the jury believes you?” – the lawyer asked.

Gates responded affirmatively, however, the lawyer is not satisfied. He expressed doubt that gates was remorseful, noting that prosecutors promised not to oppose his request for release on probation, and forced the witness to admit that he never returned the stolen Manafort money.

When gates called his actions “unauthorized transaction” and not theft, Downing forced him to use a second term.

The prosecution in preparation for a tough cross-examination, persuaded gates to voluntarily confess their crimes. He told the jury how he designed a multimillion-dollar foreign earnings under the guise of loans to understate the amount of taxes due from Manafort. Gates also told how they Manafort hide money from the IRS through numerous dummy offshore companies and accounts in Cyprus.