The Catholic Church in Belarus was in favour of punishment of children

Minsk. 7 Aug. INTERFAX – Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz announced once again that developed in the Republic of the draft law on combating domestic violence is contrary to the Bible.

“Currently, a draft law on domestic violence. The Church is against any violence, but the proposed law in certain things contrary to Scripture, particularly in the area of education of children, prohibiting to punish them for inappropriate behavior” – quoted by T. Kondrusievicz the website of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus.

The Metropolitan also spoke out against “gender ideology”, which, “like a bulldozer, in our country finding a way”. “In the Bible we read that God created man as male and female. Thus, gender ideology is opposed to God. The exclusion of gender from biology – is a blow to identity and human dignity, and the destruction of social values and relations,” he said.

Previously T. Kondrusiewicz in an open letter to President Alexander Lukashenko also expressed concern that “if some changes where there is an ongoing discussion in the media, will acquire the force of law, they can lead to unjust persecution of conscientious parents for the most minor and harmless “punishment” of the child for its safety, education and discipline.”

Currently in Belarus developed the concept of the law on combating domestic violence. One of the innovations of the draft law provides for recourse to the competent authorities in any case of cruel treatment of children.

As explained Deputy head of prevention of the main Department of protection of law and order and prevention of militia of public security of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergiy Krasutsky, now reports of abuse against the child should go to the competent authorities only when this may cause a threat to life and health. “How to determine (threat to life and health – if)? So we offer for any ill-treatment to go,” said Krasutsky.

The representative of the Ministry also noted that the new concept provides for the inadmissibility of consideration of the customs and religious beliefs in the application of domestic violence.

In this regard, he said that during the public discussion of the concept of law in the office received appeals, which essentially boils down to the fact that, on the basis of religious norms, “someone in the family should be more important than someone has the right to use violence, beating, God forbid, rape”.

According to the interior Ministry, each third murder in Belarus is committed in the family, every tenth appeal to the police about domestic violence.