Rick gates continues to testify in the case of Manafort

The prosecution’s key witness in the case about the financial machinations of Paul Manafort on Tuesday will again testify.

Rick gates, a longtime business partner and former campaign Manager of trump continues to talk about the crimes committed with Manufactum.

On Monday, gates told the jury how he helped Manafort to hide millions of dollars from the IRS in foreign Bank accounts and then fraudulently obtain Bank loans. The witness also admitted that he had misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars that belonged to Manafort, filling in fake expense reports.

As expected, on Tuesday gates will continue the story about the details of the financial Affairs of Manafort, who is accused of tax evasion and financial fraud.

Gates almost certainly will have a tough cross-examination because defense attorneys are trying to blame all the crimes on him.

Gates testifying in the framework of a plea deal, which he signed earlier this year. In the case of a guilty plea Manafort threatens to spend the rest of his life in prison.